More and more people are choosing minimalism over abundance in their choice of home decorating for the Christmas season. For some, the decision is due to following a current trend of living with less. For others, it's a way to save themselves time, energy, and even money.

Over time, as couples age, they question the point of decorating for Christmas. This can be especially true for those with no children living at home, or those with extended families that are too large to host a party for.

Even the most creative people are shunning the idea of dragging out their stash of old standby Christmas decorations one more time. To them, the idea of decorating the home for a short season requires too much work that may be physically taxing.

Does any of this describe you? Are you waffling between feeling you should be bringing out the familiar nutcrackers and snowmen and not wanting to bother? Does the idea of clearing space to put up a tree seem like work you'd rather avoid? Are you tired of being the one not only to decorate but to undecorate too?

Should You Decorate for Christmas?

If you're wrestling with the idea of giving up Christmas decorating this year or looking for alternatives, you might enjoy this insight.

Did you know that taking out the old dusty boxes or bins storing your decor may simply be good seasonal housekeeping? Doing so is a chance to shake off any cobwebs and perhaps thin out your decor, donating some and reorganizing what's left. Your storage space should get attention like this at least once a year.

When choosing what to put up from your collection, consider choosing only the items you love. What a great way to bring love, cheer, and happiness into your home. Store the rest or donate them.

To further simplify your Christmas decorating, think about one vibe or theme you'd like to capture. Just because you have multiple fuzzy snowmen and nativity scenes, doesn't mean you have to put them out on display every year.

Chances are you've changed since buying your first piece of Christmas decor. Your tastes have probably changed too with the shift in decorating styles over time. Gone are the days of frilly peach bows for the tree. Be choosy by only selecting pieces that fit your life now. Donate what's left.

Decorate for the fun of it. Adding elegant or humorous decor to your home taps into your creative brain. A jolt to your senses like this might be just what you need to see yourself through a dark cold winter.

Most people enjoy the added ambiance of soft lighting, sparkly decorations, and playing some Christmas tunes during a season of shortened daylight. Could decorating your home be what you need to help stave off the winter blues?

Simplified Decorating Ideas

Are you still not sold on the idea of decorating for Christmas? Maybe you crave change now that the kids are gone. Perhaps you want to start a new tradition. Maybe you want to join the minimalist movement which means paring down significantly.

Or maybe you want some decor but simply want to avoid the extra physical work of carrying storage bins up and down stairs and putting up a large tree.

Here are a few ideas you might try as an alternative:

One idea is to purchase Christmas items at a resell store which you can donate back to later. This way, the charity the store sponsors prospers, and you don't have to pack anything to put into storage.

Another idea is to set a budget and then walk through a Dollar Store choosing simple items that thrill you and that are on a budget. Because the cash layout was small, you can justify donating, recycling, or trashing these later. One example is an inexpensive sheet of self-sticking festive window clings that can be put on the windows around your home and discarded later.

Mother nature offers wonderful decor inspiration by way of tree twigs, pinecones, and greenery. Pinecones hung from jute rope make for an interesting and simple garland. Greenery added to a bowl or vase makes a lovely centerpiece. Clean up of these decor items from nature is easy. Merely toss them into a compost pile, put them into your green bin, or put them out for yard waste pickup.

Bless both your home and the local flower shop owner by buying a few poinsettias or Christmas-themed flower arrangements. Place them around your home and discard them later.

Another simple decorating idea is to put Christmassy covers on your toss cushions. Then, add a festive throw blanket to the back of your sofa. These decor items can be rolled up later and stored with your linens.

It's up to you to decide how much or how little decorating you'll do. Start with focusing on how you want your time spent during the month of December. Will decorating be worth the effort?

There's no reason you can't simplify your decorating this Christmas if you want to. Give yourself permission to change the rules.