It is high time that I choose a new adventure. I have gained greater confidence in myself to step into a new journey. I have spent plenty of time planning this new adventure.

Now is the time to embark on it.

I have grown so much in the last year. I have overcome many inner obstacles, overpowered many fears, and released old limiting beliefs that have been a hindrance in the past.

I can now unleash my boat from the moor.

As the many seafarers of the past had to let go of the shore of the known to embrace the adventure of the unknown, I too am ready to start my new, empowered life. I push off from the marina and head toward the sun with the wind at my back.

The universe is my oyster!

I am the Commodore of the fleet of unfulfilled projects. However, I now take command of my ships. I am fearless. I am the leader that I always knew I could be.

I am creating my legacy by embracing that which I dare to do.

I feel myself breathing in the fresh air. I expand my lungs as I expand into new possibilities.

Today, I am excited about this new adventure. I am curious about what lies ahead. I am thrilled to be starting something new. I boldly go where I have never even imagined going before. It is exhilarating!

Ask yourself these three questions today:

  1. What new possibilities am I open to experiencing now?
  2. How can I confidently step into the unknown?
  3. Who would I like to share my new adventures with?