It seems that brushing is not just for your hair anymore. Dry brushing for the skin is the hot new beauty trend, and it comes with a whole host of benefits. Whether you want to exfoliate your dead skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite or just look and feel better, there are plenty of reasons to add dry brushing to your morning routine.

As the name implies, dry brushing involves the use of a brush, but not just any brush. You will need to invest in a quality brush made from natural bristles - no nylon or other synthetic materials. Once you have the brush, you simply run it over your skin, working in gentle circular motions and moving upward from your ankles to your chest.

When dry brushing your back, work downwards from your neck to your lower back, then up to the lower legs, the thighs, stomach, and arms. If you have any damaged skin, sores, or sunburned skin, you should avoid those areas as you complete your dry brushing.

Dry brushing is best done before you shower, so incorporate it into your routine appropriately. If you shower in the morning, carve out an extra five minutes to complete your dry brushing, then jump in the shower and wash the dead skin away.

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of dry brushing is that it removes impurities and dead skin cells. Your skin is constantly regenerating itself, and dry brushing helps to speed this process and keep you looking and feeling your best. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and dry brushing helps you treat it right.

In addition to removing dead skin cells and washing away impurities, dry brushing also helps to increase circulation to your skin. That increased circulation could even reduce the appearance of cellulite, giving you that beautifully toned appearance.

Adding dry brushing to your daily routine can also speed skin cell renewal, resulting in brighter and smoother skin. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, regular dry brushing could also reduce this painful problem.

Dry brushing could also help you improve your vascular circulation, especially your lymphatic drainage. By dry brushing your skin from the ankles upward, you encourage the body to rid itself of metabolic waste, increasing the efficiency of your circulatory system and improving your overall health.

These are the many benefits of dry brushing, but there is one more big benefit - dry brushing feels pretty great. The natural bristles on the brush help to stimulate the nerve endings in your skin, invigorating your entire body, waking you up, and helping you take on the day. When you are done with the brush, finish up by jumping in the shower and washing the impurities away.