Summer is the perfect time for dates! Whether you like to be active together or find things to do that don't involve breaking a sweat, there are lots of fun summer date opportunities out there! Dates can be expensive, but they don't need to be! Here are six affordable ideas of how to enjoy summer with your significant other.

1. Have a Picnic

Picnics have been around for a long time, and with good reason! They are a romantic way to enjoy a meal with your significant other. While some picnic lunches can be a bit over the top, they can be done for less than $20. Make a few sandwiches, grab some fruit or chips, and pack some drinks. It's a simple, yet thoughtful date that many couples enjoy!

2. Go Hiking

If you're looking for a little more adventure, going for a hike may be a great fit! There are many hiking trails to choose from; you can find a national park, state park, local park, outdoor recreation area, etc. This can be a great planned or spontaneous date. It gives you the opportunity to put in the time and sweat to see beautiful landscapes!

3. Visit a Boardwalk

If you would prefer to avoid the challenges of hiking, consider heading to a boardwalk. Boardwalks are fantastic date locations because of all the places to see. Stop and get your favorite flavor of ice cream or have fun looking in unique shops. If you're not near a boardwalk, you could also go to a nice downtown area for your date!

4. Take a Swim

Swimming is definitely an activity that never goes out of style. Find a lake, beach, or pool to take your significant other to and enjoy cooling off in the water. It may be too cold for this in the earlier part of summer, but in July and August, it often is hot enough to make jumping in a lake fun and refreshing. Pack your sunscreen and swimsuits and prepare for a date that is unique and exciting!

5. Go for a Drive at Sunset

Some may think it's cliché, but seeing a sunset with a loved one is popular for a reason. Going for a drive provides an opportunity for you to have a conversation in a private setting while experiencing the beauty of the sun coming down. All you need is a vehicle and a good place to stop along the road to see the sky painted with stunning colors and clouds!

6. See a Drive-In Movie

Another classic date idea is going to see a movie, and what better way to embrace summer than to watch it outside! It can be difficult to find drive-ins in some areas, but if you do find one, don't miss your chance to catch a movie. Some drive-in movie theaters are more expensive than others; however, if you're able to pay around $10-15 a person (plus money for snacks if you want some), it's definitely worth it! Drive-in movies are fun and romantic. You can sit close to your significant other while wrapped in a blanket and watching the big screen.

There are many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors during summertime. While going to a fancy restaurant or amusement park may put a strain on your budget, there are other dates that cost far less--and are just as fun! This summer, enjoy the sunshine with your loved one as you explore the outdoors together or take advantage of other activities closer to home.