If you are tired of the same holiday tradition or want to start a new one, you're in luck. We've rustled up ten unbe-leaf-ably cool and different Thanksgiving activities that you can gobble up to change things up. Without further ado, let's dive turkey-first into this cornucopia of fresh ideas. 

1. Show Some Love to Mother Nature 

Why not swap the turkey for some trails this Thanksgiving? That's right, we're talking about a beautiful, serene hike and picnic in the great outdoors. Trust us, it's more refreshing than your aunt's renowned cranberry sauce. The beauty of nature can't compete with your Aunt Susie's stuffing recipe, can it? Pack a thermos of hot cider, some sandwiches and embark on a wholesome hiking journey with your loved ones.  

2. Time to Sort Out the Attic 

Got a dusty attic brimming with forgotten treasures? Use this Thanksgiving to embark on a nostalgic journey, reminiscing the good ol’ days, while finally getting that darn space organized. 

3. DIY Day 

Why not make Thanksgiving a craft-centric holiday? Pull out all the stoppers, grab those glue guns, paint brushes, or whatever floats your creative boat. Family portrait? DIY turkey? Let those imaginative juices flow! 

4. Thanksgiving-inspired Book Club 

How's this for a novel idea? Pun totally intended! Select a Thanksgiving-themed book and host a cozy, thoughtful book club gathering. A slice of pumpkin pie and sharing insights over literature, sounds de-light-fully stimulating, doesn't it? 

5. Binge Watch Thanksgiving Episodes 

Trade the baking stress for some relaxation with Netflix. How about a Friends marathon? Ross's 'moist maker' sandwich, Monica's turkey-head dance - sounds like a feast of laughter, right? 

6. Farmer's Market Trip 

Why go store-bought when you can get your Thanksgiving supplies fresh from a farmer's market? You're supporting the local community, and let's be honest, fresh produce just tastes better. 

7. Volunteering 

Isn't Thanksgiving about giving after all? Volunteering at a local shelter or hosting a canned food drive can truly make this a blessed holiday. Gratitude in action, people! 

8. Experiment with International Cuisine 

Ever thought of a Thanksgiving sushi or tandoori chicken instead of a turkey? Spice things up with an international potluck, and let your tastebuds travel the world.

9. Thanksgiving Fort Night 

Who said forts are just for kids? Thanksgiving can be a perfect excuse to channel your inner child, build a badass fort, and reminisce those fond childhood memories with pillows, blankets, popcorn, and a family-approved movie, we're all set! 

10. Thanksgiving Workout Challenge 

Bogged down by the turkey weight? Let's not wait till New Year's to start the resolution. Challenge your family to a fun workout session, burning calories before they even hit.

11. Museum Marveling 

Ever dreamed of having an entire museum all to yourself? This could be your shot. Quite a few museums remain open on Thanksgiving Day, offering a peaceful and educating environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the traditional Thanksgiving Day shenanigans. You might just have the exhibits all to yourself.

12. Stranger's Thanksgiving 

Ever heard of a little thing called Couchsurfing? It’s a platform where people offer up their couches to weary wanderers, and many hosts love to include their guests in Thanksgiving festivities. It’s a great chance to meet new people, experience different traditions, and feast on some great food.

13. The Open Road 

Might we suggest celebrating Thanksgiving on the open road? Just picture it; a road trip tracing scintillating landscapes, jamming to your favorite tunes, with snack breaks offering a view unlike any other. Sounds good, doesn't it? All you need is a great playlist, your favorite snacks, and you’re on your way to a Thanksgiving adventure like no other. 

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and spending quality time with the people you love. No matter how you spend it or where you end up, hold onto that spirit of thankfulness!